Q: When should I start having laser treatment?
A: If you are concerned about your hair, the earlier you start laser treatment the better. There's nothing more ageing or detrimental to a person's appearance than lifeless hair. And the later you try to do something about it the less chance there is of reversing the problem.
Once you start using your HairMax LaserComb, you may feel better about your appearance, and with an added sense of self confidence.
Q: Does LaserComb work for everyone?

A: Put simply, just as fresh air and exercise is "good" for the body, laser is good for the hair. So whether it's a matter of boosting and thickening your hair, laser "works" on virtually everyone. The only question is how much.
Please read about a typical user experience.
Lasertherapy works on all types of hair.

Q: Is it safe?

A: The HairMAX LaserComb complies with the USA FDA CDRH laser product safety standard, section 21. 'Low-Level' laser technology of the type used in HairMAX has been internationally in salons use and hair clinics for many years in a broad range of hair care applications.
The power level of the HairMAX is so low that it is virtually a mere vibration, one that is completely harmless yet effective.And rather than having negative "side effects", low level laser has been in use for many years by scientists and physicians for beneficial purposes - How does low level laser work?

Q: What about visual safety?

A: The HairMax Laser Comb has been specially designed using low power requirements, for maximum attention to visual safety. (refer to warning label on product)One should not stare at the laser beams, although that is hardly possible, due to blink aversion response.

Q: How do I use it, and how often?

A: HairMax has been precision-engineered into a compact device. You just run through your hair three times per week for about ten minutes per session for optimal results.

Q: How long does it take to see results?
A: Average is between 5 to 10 weeks. Sometimes in only a few treatments. After that the hair gradually becomes thicker. Of course everybody is different and results differ between individuals. The vast majority of users see beneficial results within 12 weeks.
Q: Does it work on the whole scalp or only the top?
A: LaserComb's energy works on the whole scalp: back, front, top and sides.
Q: Can I use it with other treatments?

A: Yes. LaserComb can replace messy, twice-a-day lotions- all of which have high on-going costs.
If you wish to continue using these treatments, you can. Laser may complement their effectiveness, although it's also a stand-alone option

Q: Is it safe for use by pregnant women?

A: Yes. Low level Laser Therapy is not a drug, but a light beam in the visible infra-red range. Their are no side effects as one regularly might experience with drugs.